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Tekken6 1 on 1 Tourney in BSC (21/11/09)

by KyrilSoul-X - on Nov 25th 2009 - 6 Comments

Really sorry for the SUPER slow update due to work. Well last Saturday, there’s a mini-tourney organized by PLAYTIME in Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) on the 21st of November.

play time 9.30am

Me (Soul-X), Kiba and SIEGTERRY arrived very early on that day, we’ve arrived around 9.30am. Since the poster are saying that the eventĀ  start on 10am sharp..

playtime 9.30am with bleed and darkxiaoThen later at around 9.45am, DarkXiao (Red jacket) and Bl33d (Black jacket) has arrived too. I think 5 of us are the only early ones. Others are arriving around 10am. Some are far more worse, arrive at 11am. But oh well… Better than those who FFK and did not come. Especially natzakaria, the one who talks alot and trying to act like a big boss, he did registered on the tourney but did not come on the day. I was hoping to pwn his ass… But he did not come. I think this is the first time I’ll be using a vulgar word in my blog, but nevermind lah

Dear natzakaria… FUCK YOU for being such a FUCKING loser… The only thing you know is talk! You did not even showed up on that day. Action speaks louder than words. Retarded asshole, you’re stupid! Next time if you’re not gonna join any future events, please don’t register and don’t brag or talk alot.

play time not enough pplAround 12pm, the first match has started. The total players who registered for the tourney was 66, but the ones who can make it was just 34, 32 FFK-ed!!! Well seriously i don’t know why would they wanna register if they will just FFK on that day. Wasting the organizer’s registration papers and stuffs… If you’re not going to participate in the event, don’t bother joining lah.

play time bleed napHere, we could see Bl33d is taking his nap. Hahahah, He don’t even bother to watch the matches that other players are playing since he know that he will definately get himself into the Finals. Click HERE for a match between Bl33d (Alisa) VS Kiba (Steve) in Outpost cafe, 1 on 1 Finals…

As seen above here is a special match between Bl33d(Alisa) vs SIEGTERRY(Paul). Where SIEGTERRY manages to beat Bl33d in the league match before the semi-finals.

play time semi-finalsIn here we could see that DarkXiao will be facing Kiba and me (Soul-X) will be facing Yagami (Bl33d). Well seeing that i will face against Bl33d in the next match is just like suicide. And yeah I’ve lost… LOL…

A match between Soul-X (Lars) and DarkXiao(Anna) for 3rd placing. I was too nervous, and yeah alot of combo went off.

Bl33D(Alisa) vs Kiba(Steve), Final match… Fight for 1st placing~

play time championsFrom left, It’s DarkXiao (3rd placing), Kiba (Champion), Tim (Playtime Boss) and Bl33d (2nd placing)… Bl33d doesn’t look happy tho… ~_~ Lolz

play time all pplA gathering pic~ From left, Diablo, LSD(Behind), n2ko, leslie88(KIBA), SIEGTERRY, DarkXiao, yagami05(Bl33d), n3on, GosTanMan(Behind), ashinomori, King83 and HikzC.
Overall the event organized by PlayTime was okay. But not as nice as the event that organized by alanmuk in Outpost, you can click the link by pressing HERE. Well even though alanmuk’s tourney doesn’t provide attractive prizes, but at least there are more players there and the players that joined are friendly as well as know how to play Tekken6 very well… In this tourney there are just too much people FFK and most of the players that joined doesn’t even know how to play. The only ones that know how to play Tekken6 well are all in the last gathering pic I’ve posted above.. Well rockccf too is a strong player, but he left early. ^^

Well i just hope there is more Tekken6 or SF4 tourney in the future.

Tekken 6 updates revealed

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tekken6 online update

Bl33d (Alisa) VS Kiba (Steve)

by KyrilSoul-X - on Nov 18th 2009 - 1 Comment

Sorry for the slow video post guys, was very busy last week =)…

This is the final 1 on 1 match between Bleed and Kiba at Outpost cafe last few weeks… In case you guys have missed the last post, click HERE

Warcraft 3 WCG 2009 Grand Final In Chengdu, China.

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WCG 2009
Grand Final

WE.Pepsi.Infi (Human) VS mouz.Fly100% (Orc)

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Tekken 6 Tournament in Malaysia (8.11.09)

by KyrilSoul-X - on Nov 9th 2009 - 10 Comments

Outpost There’s a mini Tekken Crash tournament in Malaysia yesterday in Outpost, if you wonder where it is, well it is located at 2nd floor in Cineleisure (E@Curve) Damansara next to Cathay Cinema.

Me and my friends arrived quite early, alot of other players haven’t even came yet. So we sat down and ordered some food in Outpost Cafe..Sorry i forgot to take pictures of them… LOL!!

Outpost KidThen we saw this cute little kid there playing TrashBox on PS3. Isn’t he cute? Lolz… He stared at me when i took this pic.. Must be cursing me =(

Register @ alanAnyway, here’s a picture of Alan (Organizer, Right) and Yiyi (Left). Yiyi is registering for the tourney in this pic =D… There’s alot of pro players that joined this competition. Including Kiba and Bl33D, KL top players.

Teams that joined (That i can remember)


2nd TR!CK

3rd TR!CK



MEATBALLS (Not real team name, dunno their real team name)

LeftOver (Ch3Ap)

SMS (2Ch3Ap)


Anime Shrine

Street Fighter

and alot more other teams, which i don’t remember.

shah ho nam @ auraPreliminary match in Group A… A match between team SMS and Anime Shrine. The players that are currently playing there is shah_ho_nam (blue shirt) and Aura (black shirt) from Lowyat forums.

finalsGostanman (left) and Kiba(right) striking some pose at the camera, Lolz. The finals are held here, well… during the finals, many people has left. Because alot of the teams that have lost during the preliminary in both group A and group B have gone back home after they have lost their matches.

Anyway the results are :-

1st – TR!CK (DarkXiao, Amakingu, Bl33d)

2nd – Ev!L (MadRush and his friends)

3rd/4th – SMS / LeftOver (Sad to see both <Ch3Ap> teams ended up losing and met up together in 3rd and 4th placing)

SMS is my Team and yeah we lost during the semi-finals… My teamates are Matthew and Sieg. We did not put our real team name because this is just a mini tournament, so we came up an idea to put a fake team name. We got the idea SMS from Sieg, he said “Our team member’s name are Soul-X, Matthew and SiegTerry… Why not we just put SMS?”. And so we agreed, so we put SMS as a team name… LOL!!

Although my Team have lost. But at least we have gained alot of experience from the Tournament. SIEGTERRY is indeed the strongest PAUL player in KL at the moment. As a Team Leader i am proud of you SIEG. Alan said there is another Tekken6 Tourney coming up somewhere in December, Heheheh… Time for me to train my Lars and try to be stronger for the next tournament. DarkXiao i want get my revenge!!
Last but not least, Bl33d… I hate you for being so strong =(~ Belanja makan lah since you won 1st… Lolz