2nd post on New York New York Deli! To read about the old post I did about like 2 years ago, click HERE

New York New York Deli is located inside 1 Utama new wing, just the opposite of Cold Storage on the lower ground floor.

Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino @RM6.90 – I really like their Roasted Mushroom Cappuccino soup, the taste is very creamy and satisfying. If you had already read the old post I did before, you know that I like this very much~

Smoked Salmon Velvet @ RM14.90 – A choice of wholemeal bread or white bread with smoked salmon, tuna mayo, marinated tomatoes, grilled vegetables and sauteed onions.

Latino Chicken Chop @ RM18.90 – Chicken thigh with thick gravy served with potato wedges and garden salad. The chicken is not too overcooked or raw, just perfect. Every bite on the meat is tender and juicy~

Spaghetti Bolognese with Giant Meatballs @ RM21.90 – The meatballs here are not as ‘giant’ as I thought it would be, I still prefer those that are served in Italiannies. The meat balls they serve at Italiannies are really huge O_O…

Waffles with Chocolate and Ice Cream @ RM10.90  – I ordered this because I saw a little girl ordered it and it looked like very delicious, so I got one for myself. I thought that their waffles will be special, but no =(… Its just a very ‘normal’ waffle that you can find anywhere else… For delicious waffles I recommend clicking HERE instead –> ~CLICK ME~

Sorry =P but I forgot the name and price of this beverage~ I’ll update this post next time when I get the name~ Hahaha *Runs*

Food : 8/10

Price : 7/10

Service : 8/10

Decoration : 7/10

Cleanliness : 7/10

Overall : 7.5/10

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals. Sorry for my poor English. ^^


Address –

LG311 1-Utama (New Wing),

Lebuh Bandar Utama,

Bandar Utama City Centre,

Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya,



Tel – 03-7727 9400