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Tekken 6 Asia Tournament Finals in HongKong

by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 28th 2009 - 2 Comments

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

Game 9

Game 10

Tekken 6 Asia Tournament Final Video here

Kiba aka Leslie from Malaysia (Steve) VS JDCR from Korea (Bryan)

Results for Tekken 6 Asia Tournament 2009

1st – Korea (JDCR) ~ Bryan

2nd – Malaysia (Kiba) ~ Steve

3rd – Singapore (Shinz) ~ Steve

4th – Taiwan (Xiao Snake) ~ Armor King

12/12/09 Tekken Competition in Seremban

by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 18th 2009 - 2 Comments

tekken6 in seremban

Another Tekken6 Tourney was held in Jaya Jusco (Seremban) last week.

Kiba was banned from the tourney because this tourney was made for those who have lost a week ago.

Anyway ~ Random pics @@

tekken 6 seremban ashinomori Ashinomori bullying his girlfriend.

tekken 6 matt 1In this picture we can see that my Team Member – Matthew bullying a button masher… (Left is matthew, right is the button masher)

tekken 6 matt 2And here, the same guy… Bullying another button masher… This time is a small boy…

tekken 6 mattMatthew with a lansi face bullying another small  boy… Tsk tsk tsk… Sorry ya~ My team member don’t have good manners… Hahahahha!! Joking =P

Tekken 6 seremban cosplayerThe cosplayer looks… Looks… Looks… Ahhh nevermind… LOL!!

Tekken 6 seremban spectatorAmong so many Tekken6 competitions… Suprisingly this event is by far the most success one @@”… So many spectators… Usually in other events held… The spectators were like 90% players… This time there were like 60% spectators and 40% players… Good job Alan~

Tekken 6 seremban winnerWell congrats to team Counter Kick for being the champion… Don’t really have anything to say about this tourney due to alot of weird stuffs happening in the competition…

Well first, there was a random XiaoYu player who beat the crap out of one of the penang teams… The penang team got a raven user, eddy and devil jin… 3 of them are top players in penang but somehow lost to a random XiaoYu player that comes out from nowhere…

Then there is Mark’s team… Mark, IronChef and Ashinomori… Same thing happened, 3 pro… But somehow lost very early, can’t even qualify for the quarter finals…

Then there is Bl33D’s team… Why suddenly DarkXiao change his character to Alisa? Why lah DarkXiao?? Your Anna is one of the best in Malaysia but suddenly you changed to Alisa and feed a few times… Lol… And Bl33D final match with Counter Kick that time used King… Why King??? Since your Jin/Alisa is top in KL…

Oh well alot of weird stuffs happened in the tourney… I don’t even wanna upload the videos since its not nice to watch also… Hahha…

Well for me, SiegTerry and Matthew… Losing the match is okay… Since we are going to eat SIEW PAO!!

Seremban Siew PaoClick HERE for the SIEW PAU news xD


by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 10th 2009 - No Comments


TEKKEN6 ( 3 VS 3 )

DATE: 12 December 2009
TIME: 12.00 Noon
Format: 3 vs 3 EX

This is a EX 3 VS 3 Tagteam as only 1 person from each team will win something.


Team A won and they are the best of the whole tourney. Next is they have to fight each one of their team mates to get access to the prize. same goes for second and third.

1) Tournament is open to all Malaysian

2) Tournament is based on 3 VS 3 TAG EX

3) Winners of each group will face each other team mates for prizes.

4) Format will be Winner stay and loser get to select the stage.

5) All characters must be maintained from the start. No change allowed.

6) Buttons configurations are set to ARCADE for sticks.

7) We allow configuration change for pads.

8 ) No taunting or swearing during and at tournament area and organizer reserves the rights to disqualify contestant who break the rules

9) Game match will be replayed incase of power shortage or any LCD malfunctioning accured.

10) Results are final once we announced.

11) TAG Team best of 3 rounds ( win 3 rounds per match / per contestant ) KOF Style- winner stay. Group match – then to knock out…depending on how many team come. Other wise, we will improvise on LEAGUE so more team better !!!



No F30 Jusco Seremban Shopping Mall
112 Persiaran S2 B1
Seremban 2 70300
Negeri Sembilan

You may contact Allan Tan: 012 660 9088 ( when you are lost )

You may take a train to SEREMBAN station and get a bus or cab to Jusco Seremban 2…pretty near. Ask the train station there and they know what bus to take…I try to get more info for you all as I am blurr myself too….

See you guys !!!

Tekken6 Asia Tournament (Malaysia) Short Update

by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 9th 2009 - 4 Comments

Sorry for the slow update again guys, really busy nowadays Lolz… Anyway… This is a short update..

Day 1 – 05/12/09 – Mid Valley Gardens

Tekken 6 - Mid valley sony

=(   That day i when i register that time, I write down Lars as the character i use… But i hand itchy go change to Roger JR before the match started… And end up regretting after that… Really a big mistake… LOL!!


Tekken 6 - Mid valley sony 2Being on Mid Valley really attracts alot of spectators. Even some young “muimui zai’s” also came to watch. We can see panjanglsd on the pic being very panjang on the left there *red shirt with bag*…

Tekken 6 - mid valley 3 Nothing much to say about Day 1 over here @ Mid Valley… Well i guess Bl33D and I did the same mistake on that day which is we both choose a sub-character and end up regretting that decision on the end of the day… Bl33D picked King and I picked Roger JR… Lolz we both should stick up back to our “new” main characters instead… Itchy hand go change character dunno for what… Regret =(

Day 2 – 06/12/09 – Bangsar Shopping Centre

Tekken 6 - bangsar 1Registration counter on day 2 seems to be the same as day 1… But far more less spectators and players… There are about 40 people registered on the 1st day… But on the 2nd day… There was about only 17 people who registered… Well… The place is really a pain in the ass…

Tekken 6 - bangsar final 8I like this pic =P ~

tekken 6 - bangsar finalArifffff~~ You forget to give me the vids!!! When you see this, please send me those vids LOL… Anyway this pic is Kiba vs DarkXiao (Finals)

tekken 6 - final picFrom left – Jin Cosplayer, Some sony guy, Josh – Steve/Law(3rd), Kiba – Steve/Eddy(1st), DarkXiao – Anna(2nd), Some sony guy 2 and a Zafina Cosplayer…

kiba lanci face Here we have our <Ch3Ap> Team Leader lanci face… Lanci Lanyong la him…

Anyway for those who wanna see more zafina cosplayer pics of her big boobs, you can ask in lyn forum, i remember there was a malay guy who keep on taking pictures of her… Hmm…

JinZafina cosplay

Sorry for no vids this time, well i have to wait for Arif to send me the vids he promised me lol~

Asian Games Show 2009 (AGS) Tourney in Malaysia

by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 1st 2009 - No Comments

Here’s a chance for you to win and fly to the Asian Games Show 2009 (AGS) in Hong Kong this December and battle the other challengers in the Tekken 6 Finals.


Date : 5th December 2009

Venue : Sony Centre,The Gardens Shopping Mall,Mid Valley City,KL

Registration : 12 pm

Tournament : 1 pm – 6 pm

– Top 4 or 8 will go for knock out stage on the 6th December 2009 at Bangsar Shopping Centre


Date : 6th December 2009

Venue : Bangsar shopping mall

Registration : 12 pm

Tournament : 1 pm – 6 pm

Second tournament – top 4 or 8 will face off the 5th December 2009 finalist for the main prize.