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Easiest Way To Make Egg Pudding

by KyrilSoul-X - on Sep 19th 2014 - No Comments

Easiest Way To Make Egg Pudding 0

Ahhh… Another weird and wacky Japanese invention… With this simple device you turn any egg into pudding in just 4 easy steps.  (more…)

Cute Popped Up Bear Toast

by KyrilSoul-X - on Sep 18th 2014 - No Comments

Bear Toast

Who would have thought that a simple toast can be turned into something this cute? A popped up bear toast! (more…)

Chang Rai Thai Food

by KyrilSoul-X - on Dec 7th 2012 - 1 Comment

Chang Rai Thai Food is located at Taman Muda, near the roundabout from Jalan Mawar. I’ve heard from a few bloggers that this restaurant serves delicious spicy Thai food. Since I need to meet my friends from Taman Muda yesterday, I invited them all together and give it a try =D


New York New York Deli @ 1 Utama

by KyrilSoul-X - on Nov 24th 2012 - 4 Comments

2nd post on New York New York Deli! To read about the old post I did about like 2 years ago, click HERE

New York New York Deli is located inside 1 Utama new wing, just the opposite of Cold Storage on the lower ground floor.


Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

by KyrilSoul-X - on May 30th 2012 - 8 Comments

Today in this post… Everything will just be about prawns!!!


Shrimper’s Heaven @ RM44.90 – Served with some coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp, tempura shrimp, fries and dipping sauces. I personally like the chili and tempura shrimp. =P
Lemon Ups @ RM9.90 – Oh this is the pink coloured drink. It tastes like sprite plus some strawberry syrup. *I guess* (more…)