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Santouka Ramen @ Pavillion

by KyrilSoul-X - on Jan 21st 2012 - 13 Comments

Hey guys, It’s me again 😉 ~ This time I’m back again with another HouHouSek post! Finally I’m done with all my stuffs and able to blog back like how I used to be last time. Really sorry for being inactive for so long. Anyway this time I’ll be introducing you guys to this awesome pork ramen restaurant in Pavillion’s Tokyo Street. (Located on the 6th floor)


Yuzu @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

by KyrilSoul-X - on Aug 26th 2011 - 10 Comments

Kuro Goma Maguro @ RM45 – Tuna lovers must try xD~ I’m not sure about you guys, but as for me~ This dish is awesome! Basically it’s smoked tuna with some black sesame and peanut butter sauce… Yes! Peanut butter sauce, you heard that right! =D


Cafe Takahashi @ Pavillion Tokyo Street (6th Floor)

by KyrilSoul-X - on Aug 5th 2011 - 12 Comments

Cafe Takahashi is located on the 6th floor of Pavilion inside Tokyo Street.


Tokyo Street @ Pavillion 6th Floor

by KyrilSoul-X - on Aug 5th 2011 - 9 Comments

Yeah this is a late post guys =(… And sorry for being inactive for such a long time. Was having lots of work to do… Went to Pavilion last week’s Friday to check out the opening of Tokyo Street. It’s located in Pavilion’s 6th floor.

Most of the shop inside have some kinda Japanese style decorations which is quite cool =P

Big big lantern in the middle @__@

The Loaf opened a shop here that sells Oyaki

Here’s the poster

And somehow the mineral water that they are selling is quite overrated and expensive @__@

Bought  a Sausage Cheese (Left) and Chicken Mushroom (Right) Oyaki here. Somehow I don’t quite like it… Because it’s quite oily =(… Or maybe that’s just me =P


Update post – Cafe Takahashi @ Pavillion Tokyo Street (6th Floor)

Kita No Zen @ Gardens, Mid Valley

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 13th 2010 - 4 Comments

Kita No Zen is a Japanese restaurant opened in Mid Valley Gardens on 22th of September if I am not wrong. The restaurant is located on the 3rd floor of Mid Valley Gardens, right in between Nokia and Sony Centre.

I wanted to try the restaurant on the day it opened. But on the first day they opened the restaurant, before I can even get into the shop I smell an awful fishy smell when I reach infront of the Nokia shop. The smell was so awful, me and my friends were forced to leave the area at once. We don’t even dare to step into the restaurant.

A few days ago, I went to Mid Valley to watch Sammy’s Adventures : The Secret Passage with my friends and when dinner time we got bored with all the restaurants in Mid Valley. So we decided to try Kita No Zen.

Again, the awful fishy smell was there, but this time it is not as much as the first time we went there. Surprisingly once we step in our foot into the restaurant, the awful smell was gone. Hmmm~

Salmon Maki @ RM6 – If you liked salmon, you should try this. The salmon they’re serving is kinda fresh if you compare with Sushi King.