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Transformers 3 (DOTM), Immortal, X-Men : First Class and Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailers

by KyrilSoul-X - on Apr 29th 2011 - 6 Comments

Transformers 3 (Dark Of The Moon) Trailer

Since I was a small boy, I liked transformers alot! I have tons of Transformers toys. From small to big also got xD~ I even have some limited edition and rare type of Transformer toys that can sell quite expensive in the market nowadays. @__@

X-Men : First Class Trailer

X-Men, Another childhood favorite of mine~ I have full set of X-Men classic DVD Season1-4. xD Hahahax… Guess I’m kinda like a geek perhaps.

Immortal Trailer

Ahhh~ Another movie just like “300”… Blood, sex and gore again I guess? Teehee~

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 Trailer

Although I don’t really like Harry Potter, but hopefully this last episode will make me change my mind~ Hmm…


Anyway, thanks to KianFai, I got to watch Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5) yesterday at KLCC with some other bloggers as well. =D

10/10/10 ~

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 10th 2010 - No Comments

After being very lazy for the past few weeks (maybe even months!). Finally I’ve created HouHouSek.Net own Facebook Page on this special day itself~ 10/10/10…

Come and LIKE the page – HouHouSek.Net Facebook page

10/10/10~  It only happens once in our lifetime~ What are you guys doing? Spending this special day with your love ones? Going for a party? Well as for me, I’m going to eat some good food tonight with my friends~ XD

I’ll promise I’m gonna post this as soon as possible~ Hoho ^^ Hope I don’t procrastinate again… I cannot be lazy already!! I must keep update HouHouSek.Net!! Hahaha…

4th March 2010 (My Birthday) =D~

by KyrilSoul-X - on Mar 6th 2010 - 2 Comments

Sorry for the slow update guys =D~

It was my birthday last Thursday which is 4th of March, Alot of friends came to have a surprise party for me to celebrate my birthday. So i was a little bit busy having fun… XD


3rd March – Went out with Yen, TeeKeat and Alexa on the afternoon, then after that went to One Utama to meet with Matthew, Jason, Terry and Wilson at 10pm.

They got a surprise party for me @ TGI Fridays.

And this is the cake they bought for me.

Thank you guys~ But I’m 22 this year lah, not 23… But it’s okay~ =D

After that we went to watch Solomon Kane @ 1AM midnight. Awesome movie!


4th March – Went to my gf’s house in the morning~ She said that she wanted my birthday to be something special so she cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for me on that day~ HouHouSek arr~ Om nom nom nom~~~ =D

Then she got bought me a cake also… This is the picture of the cake~

The cake is nice, but now i got 2 Cakes le… Fat Fat T_______T


Then after that when i went back home, My mom told me that she got me a cake also… OMFG!!! Now i got 3 cakes! How am i gonna finish them all? Shit!! I think I’m gonna gain at least 5kg weiiii!!

Anyway… I start unboxing everything as soon as i got home and this is the pic~


From left –

1 – Card from Kurebiz

2 – Card from Yen

3 – Wine from Wilson

4 – Domokun from Yen

5 – Rilakkuma from Yen

6 – Gold Arowana from Jason and Terry

7 – Johnmaster handkerchief from Yen

8 – Momiji doll from Alexa and TK


And on the 5th of March, I got 2 presents from my friends in Penang.

Well… NOOO!!! Not the Iphone, That is my old Iphone 2G, I put there to charge one…

It’s the left one, The Black coloured phone… It’s not a phone anyway, It’s a lighter. A very huge lighter =_=… And very noisy somemore! Lolz!

Anyway thanks Jessica~


And another present is this one… Strawberry Flavoured Condoms!! Tommy do you know that I got this same present last year? Last year AhJun gave me the same present. WTF!!! *Epic Facepalms* You all give me condoms as present for what? Somemore same type one… Omg lah~ Lolz..

Lastly, Thank you very much to everyone that wishes me on my birthday~

115 Birthday comments on Facebook w00t!! Thank you guys!

Thank you Alexa and Tee Keat for the Saint Cinnamon + Momiji Doll. =D~

Thank you Jason and Terry for the Gold Arowana, and YES! I hope that the Gold Arowana will give me all the luck i need to succeed in our business!

Thank you Wilson for the Wine.

Thank you Kurebiz from Singapore for the Card. (You stingy lah!! Lolz! I want present!)

Thank you Jessica from Penang for the Fake Phone.

Thank you Tommy from Penang for the Strawberry Condoms =_______=

Last but not least, Thank you Yen for all the things that you did for me on my birthday and I love you. ^^

My Valentine’s Day with Yen

by KyrilSoul-X - on Feb 17th 2010 - 3 Comments


Quite busy these few days due to Chinese New Year… Sorry for the slow updates~

It’s Valentines Day again!!! =^^=

My girlfriend very “wai sek” one. So bringing her to eat is the best way of making her happy. I want to make this Valentine’s Day abit special, so I bring her to those Restaurants that offer Valentine Couple Set Menu.

I went to OneUtama on that day.

At first, I wanted to bring her to Garden Cafe, But she said she got bored with the place already because I always  bring her go there yamcha. So I move on to the next Restaurant.
PZ 1002 AddOn Menu FRONT FA01 OL
Pasta Zanmai~ I know this Restaurant got Valentine’s Day Set Menu so i bring her to this restaurant but….. Fuuuuuu!!!!! DAMN YOU!!! Pasta Zanmai did not open on that day… It was closed!!! RWAR!! If you’re going to close on 14th Of February, Then no point already having a Valentine’s Day Set Menu… =( Sad Face!!

Was looking forward eating in Pasta Zanmai because my girlfriend like this place… But closed on that day… Fuuuuuu!!!
We then moved on to TGI FRIDAYS. We both reached OneUtama around 3pm and both of us already ate lunch before going out. So i guess we just need to reserve a place here at TGI FRIDAYS for our dinner.

Soul X      – Uhm Hello

Waitress – Yes?

Soul X      – I want to reserve a table for tonight can ar?

Waitress  – Sorry ah today Chinese New Year, first come first serve, today cannot booking…

Soul X       – Err… Okay…

Time passes~ On 8pm we went back to TGI FRIDAYS, but it was already full. Then the waitress  asked me to write down my details~ Name and phone number~ Same like Chili’s. I was number 22!! Woah.. need to wait 22 table only my turn… Sad larrhh!!
Suddenly she bring this out. A love shaped rice bento with other things but i ate already the “other things”~ I forgot to take picture before eating.


But luckily i did manage to take at least this love shaped rice.
After the bento she took out some desserts. Jelly Jelly~

Love shaped mango dessert~ Yay!! The mango is very fresh one~ She got a very huge mango tree in her garden. So she always got alot of fresh juicy sweet mangoes to eat. And of coz, she always got give me one~~~

Thank you darling for making all these =)


After waiting for like an hour at TGI FRIDAYS, we both cannot tahan already.  So we move on to New York Deli for dinner. Will blog  about it next time =)

Quite busy these few days due to Chinese New Year… Sorry for the slow updates ^^

Anyway i forgot to mention, Golden Screen Cinemas got free SunSilk conditioner for every ticket you buy~

I’ve bought 2 Wolfman tickets on that day. Means free 2 SunSilk conditioner loh~ The smell is quite nice. =)

I heard that this free gift last until 20th of February. Well while stock lasts.