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Crocs – Hello Kitty

by KyrilSoul-X - on Sep 17th 2009 - 6 Comments

Hmm… So much fake Croc shoes out there in pasar malam nowadays… It’s really hard to tell which one’s a fake, and which one’s the real thing… So i went to one of the official Crocs Shop to check out got any new products or not… Coz usually fake stuffs can’t follow up so fast… ~ And take a look what i saw when i reached the Crocs Shop -___________-


Holy Shit!! It’s Hello Kitty…


Got Free Bag Somemore!!


Hello Kitty Crocs Shoes close up… Quite cute actually… But damn, It costs RM139.90 =( … And now my girlfriend keep “fan” me to buy…

Oh shit what have i’ve done… I should not bring her go to the Crocs Shop =_=…



Crocs – Real? Fake?

by KyrilSoul-X - on Sep 17th 2009 - No Comments

The Star Online > Lifeliving
Monday September 7, 2009

Telling the real from the fake

Can you tell the difference between a real and fake pair of Crocs?

Crocs would like to warn consumers not to be deceived by those offering counterfeit products and learn to identify real Crocs products by using these simple guidelines:

1. Every pair of Crocs has its own unique barcode/serial number printed on its hangtag. If you see the same serial number appearing on the hangtags of any other pair of shoes of the same model or other models, then you definitely have an imitation in your hands.

2. Every original Crocs hangtag contains information relating to its corresponding pair of Crocs shoes such as its style name, colour description and size.

3. Check for authorised retailers and Crocs concept stores selling Crocs footwear listed in the official website at crocs.com.my. Only stores listed on the website sell genuine Crocs shoes.

4. Check the website product listing and compare the available designs and colours. If you see a shoe with the brand Crocs in a design or colour that is not shown on the website, then it is not an authentic Crocs product.

5. You can also go to facebook.com/crocsmalaysia and post a query.

>Customers can contact the official Crocs Service Centre ( 03-6203 2336) if they have any enquiries about the availability of genuine Crocs products in Malaysia.

The real thing: When viewed up close, you can see the difference in the logo between the real and fake pair of crocs (the fake is on the right).

Source – From TheStar