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Bubba Gump @ Sunway Pyramid

by KyrilSoul-X - on May 30th 2012 - 8 Comments

Today in this post… Everything will just be about prawns!!!


Shrimper’s Heaven @ RM44.90 – Served with some coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp, tempura shrimp, fries and dipping sauces. I personally like the chili and tempura shrimp. =P
Lemon Ups @ RM9.90 – Oh this is the pink coloured drink. It tastes like sprite plus some strawberry syrup. *I guess* (more…)

Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid

by KyrilSoul-X - on May 28th 2010 - 11 Comments

Fullhouse~ Lifestyle store and cafe. There are currently 3 locations that have this restaurant. Sunway Pyramid, Ampang and Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara (Main branch). Anyway all of the pictures in this post is from Sunway Pyramid branch. (more…)

Porridge Time @ Sunway Pyramid Asian Avenue

by KyrilSoul-X - on Apr 16th 2010 - 11 Comments

I am not feeling well these days due to the freaking HOT weather. Somemore my car air-con spoilt already! Driving in the afternoon in an air-conLESS car is like being inside a sauna, maybe even worse! So when i arrived to Sunway Pyramid earlier today, I don’t really have the appetite to eat at all. Then suddenly i saw this restaurant that sells porridge, then i saw many customers also. So i decided to try it out~ Porridge Time is located inside Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid, somewhere behind Gasoline cafe.
Fish Porridge @ RM7 – When my friend first saw the porridge, he was shocked! Because he saw NO FISH! He screams so loud saying “NO FISHH?? WHY NO FISH ONE??“. Then alot of other customer looked to our table, it was so embarrassing. But luckily when he ‘korek-korek‘ the bowl, inside got alot of fish meat. Then he diam already… Luckily got alot of fish meat inside, if not I think he will continue screaming and I will run away as fast as I could.
Shredded Chicken Porridge with Salted Egg @ RM5.50 + Salted Egg @ RM1Ya i know i know, alot of you people sure ask me why I need to add in more salted eggs~ Actually I didn’t order to add more  salted eggs, the waitress ownself add one. Then when i check the bill that time, I noticed that my porridge got add an extra salted egg. Nowonder tastes so salty T____T
You Tiao (Top Left)
Red Bean Bun (Bottom)
Glutinous Rice Bun ( Bottom Right)
Ma Jiao (Top Right)

All costs RM1.40 each. Very normal here, Nothing much to comment lol~ If you’re a Chinese, I bet you’ve already tried one of those before in your lifetime.

Ching Bo Leong @ Rm3.80 – A Chinese style Dessert~ But a little bit too sweet I guess.

Actually i wanted to try this one… But the waitress tell me “Giant Prawn habis“. Oh well, maybe i should try it next time


Food : 7/10

Price : 7.5/10

Service : 5.5/10

Decoration : 6/10

Cleanliness : 6.5/10

Overall : 7/10

*Disclaimer: Personal food tasting and preferences might varies depending on individuals. Sorry for my poor English. ^^

The Street Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

by alexapiggy - on Jan 6th 2010 - No Comments

Are you craving for Korean food? Well, I am. I’ve found this cafe in Pyramid located at Asian Avenue. It was not bad. However, the atmosphere is very satisfactory.

Kimchi Pajeon

This is like a pancake. I love it a lot because it is a bit spicy. Not too spicy. I think the sauce is vinegar. Like Siu Long Bau, it tastes better with the vinegar sauce. (more…)