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iPhone OS4

by KyrilSoul-X - on Apr 9th 2010 - 2 Comments

After the long wait, iPhone OS4 is finally out! But the bad news is, alot of people including me myself are waiting for the next generation for iPhone which is iPhone 4G, but too bad they are not releasing it so soon. Sigh, need to wait for a long time again.

Me myself is using iPhone 2G, yeah the old and bulky version of iPhone. I got my iPhone a week after it was launched in America. It was very cool holding an iPhone back then since no one else in Malaysia actually has it. But nowadays iPhone is just like any normal phones out there, not so special anymore. Especially me, holding an old iPhone 2G =(
Ok let’s move on to the new iPhone OS4. The new OS have 7 new features in it.

1) Multitasking – Almost every iPhone users hope for this feature to be out for a long time. Finally it’s here now! But the bad news to it is that it drains more battery life than normal.

2) Folders – No more messy iPhone applications when you have folders, it just work like a folder in your computer

3) Enhanced Mail – Well, just enhanced mail feature, nothing much here.

4) iBooks – An iPad application now comes to iPhone. iBooks is an application where you can download “books” into your iphone and read it anytime you want.

5) Better Data Protection – Support for multiple Exchange accounts, Exchange Server 2010, and new VPN options.

6) Game Center – Now you can have your own achievements and  leaderboards in the game. You can also invite friends for multiplayer, theres even a matchmaking feature for it.

7) iAds – Ads ~ Lol

Anyway the iPhone OS4 is compatible only with iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 3rd gen. For the older versions, well… everything else works, just the multitasking doesn’t.


To those who wanna watch the Apple iPhone OS4 event – http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/1004fk8d5gt/event/

For iPhone OS4 Preview – http://www.apple.com/iphone/preview-iphone-os/

iPhone OS4 All New Features – http://www.engadget.com/2010/04/08/live-from-apples-iphone-os-4-event/?sort=oldest&refresh=0

GoMobile 2009 – Malaysia’s Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 24th 2009 - No Comments

gomobile_expoWent to GoMobile exhibition today this morning in KLCC… Just to check out what stuffs they are promoting, my  friend say that they will be alot of new phone models putting on display, the website says the same too. Because i am very very very interested in buying SE Satio and SE Xperia2 aka X2… So i gotta go check it out… Maybe they will have both the models on display… Weeeee~~ So i rushed to KLCC very early today… Reached there around 10.30AM… All the staff was like still “yamcha-ing”, chatting and stuffs… Not yet open door also…

maxis broadband people11.00AM, the doors finally opened… This is the first thing that i saw… A bunch of Maxis Broadband promoters… HoHo… Got one girl give me balloon, then another one give me a Maxis Bag… And a bunch of guys gang bang  kacau me asking me wanna get Maxis Broadband or not… Not bad not bad… All also good promoters~

Lenglui @ GoMobileThen saw this LengLui promoting some online game, Aiyah see she so LengLui, must support her one… So i take the brochure and smiled at her… Wakekekekeke!! She looked more LengLui in real life… Hmmm… Don’t know my camera got problem or my angle got problem…

Matthew 2Then suddenly this fella approached me and asked me to open up my bluetooth… And so, i did… Then his phone will automatically send an application for my phone to download… He said that the application was a Treasure Hunt… Well okay i downloaded it and play along loh… Answer 8 Questions right and you’ll get a hidden item… Anyway he looked like my friend Matthew… LOL!! And he got a nice weird TV behind him…

win win win GoMobile Treasure HuntCan you read what’s that? Ahem… Let me read it for you guys, “You have uncover the hidden treasure! Redeem your free gift at Go Mobile Clique booth now!”. Being a genius like me, Soul-X… I’ve managed to answer all 8 questions within only 5 minutes… And then i straight away go to the booth… And you know what? The hidden treasure was only a few lucky draws and a piece of paper for you to write down your name, email, phone number and with a Slogan… I forget what is the Slogan title… But you need to write a Slogan in order to win a phone… CHEHH!!! I thought that if i managed to get 8 questions right at LIGHTNING SPEED… They give me a phone… But they only give me a piece of paper to write… And a lucky draw… And the lucky draw i only got a GoPlayPlay Goodie BagCHEHH!!!

Here are the answers for the 8 questions… Blue is question… Red is the answer…

1 – Proximate can transmit content to ____ users concurrently. Find the answer at booth no.438. (NO NID FIND AT booth no.438… FIND IT ALL HERE!!)


2 – What is KL247 tag line?

Share your KL life

3 – What is the list price of CSL Blueberry?


4 – What year the name and concept of “Yellow Pages” was born?


5 – Which LG phone is best for photo and video shooting?

LG Viewty Smart

6 – What is the latest product of LTT Global?

Kids Cashier

7 – How long is the playback time for the X-Mini 2 capsule speaker?

12 Hour

8 – What is GoMobile tag line? The Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event

The Ultimate Mobile Lifestyle Event
Ok  there you go, you have won… Now go write your slogan and see if you’re lucky enough to win the Phone.. Say thank you to Soul-X~ xD blek!!…
go mobile fashion

This is a very weird thing to see in a “MOBILE PHONE EXHIBITION”… Fashion clothes??? Weird…

LG truckLG truck~~~ Hoo Hoo… Got free stuffs ma?? NOO!! Only let you see… Nothing special… =(

Mobile world alot pplThen later i saw alot of people lining up in front of this booth… Hmm macam got free stuffs!! When the place got free stuffs… Sure alot people line up!! Then i also try to line up… And the girl give me a paper to write my name on and blablablablabla… Then there got write… Subscription for Mobile World Magazine 1 year RM80… Free LG phone… FREE??? FREEEEEE?? Okay la… I subscribe…

LG phone givawayTurns out that when i gave out my RM80… And subscribe already… He give me this LG phone… Oh shit… No Camera… No Mp3 to listen.. Only FM Radio… Nuuuuuuuuuuu!!! I thought it was a “TOUCH SCREEN” phone like my friend told me…

2 lg phoneMe and my GF subscribed it together and we both get the same LG phone… Oh well.. Better than nothing… My friend told me got free “TOUCH SCREEN” phone… But i guessed i kena cheated by my friend… AGAIN!! But still, we’re both happy to have the LG phone… Coz at least… It’s still FREE!!!

Have a nice day Go MobileYup yup… We’re both happy coz got FREE phone… Hahahahaha!! Eh i forgot to mention… There is no SONY ERICSSON booth… So if you’re a FAN of SE phones… Don’t put your hopes so high… Good luck.

Breast Enlargement Ringtone

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 11th 2009 - No Comments

wtfxJust now my friend Obbo post out this picture in a chatroom… And i was like… “WTF? Breast Enchantment Ringtones???”… I was curious about it and i searched google to see if i can have any details about it… And then i found out that there is even a video in discovery channel about it… LOL!!

Anyway i got this from DannyChoo.com –

Meet Hideto Tomabechi, a cognative scientist that studies the mind and artificial intellegence.

Dr. Tomabechi has developed a ringtone called “Rock Melon” that he claims that it could increase a female’s breast size through a ringtone that is based upon a crying baby and when listened to for 20 times per day for at least 10 days, a female’s bust will grow by at least 2cm.

Let Dr. Tomabechi fill in the details…