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10/10/10 ~

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 10th 2010 - No Comments

After being very lazy for the past few weeks (maybe even months!). Finally I’ve created HouHouSek.Net own Facebook Page on this special day itself~ 10/10/10…

Come and LIKE the page – HouHouSek.Net Facebook page

10/10/10~  It only happens once in our lifetime~ What are you guys doing? Spending this special day with your love ones? Going for a party? Well as for me, I’m going to eat some good food tonight with my friends~ XD

I’ll promise I’m gonna post this as soon as possible~ Hoho ^^ Hope I don’t procrastinate again… I cannot be lazy already!! I must keep update HouHouSek.Net!! Hahaha…

HouHouSek is back!!! 09/09/09

by KyrilSoul-X - on Sep 9th 2009 - 1 Comment

HouHouSek is back after 3 years!! Yeah~

09:09:09AM on 09/09/09 ~ Birth date for the new HouHouSek.

HouHouSek, cantonese for Delicious started in the year 2006 as a forum where friends meet and chat about random topics of choice. Since then it has been an addiction to most of the members inside. As the forum was based highly on the topics of Ragnarok Online, activity became stagnant after the online game’s popularity among the people decreased.

As for the future, HouHouSek will be a place that is open to topics of a wide range with our empahsis on food, games and also comedic finds online such as videos and pictures. Subscribe, bookmark, and follow us as HouHouSek is something not to be missed. Happy Surfing.