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by alexapiggy - on Sep 20th 2010 - 5 Comments

Last saturday, my mum’s friend gave us a box of mooncake. We were so happy to see mooncakes by Hilton. So at night, we opened it to eat together. Guess what? You’ll never believe what is ON the mooncake. Fermented mooncake full with yeast or mold or whatever. It was so disgusting, I nearly vomit on my mum (exaggerate la..haha)

So my mum informed her friend so that she check her moon cakes before she eats them. Then she said she’ll call Hilton hotel to screw them. At least try to get a new box of moon cakes. Unbelievable, they said it was our fault. When my mum’s friend bought the moon cakes at Midvalley, the sales person did not mention anything about consuming within two weeks. The paper is inside the box and is properly sealed. So, it is impossible for my mum’s friend to know about it. I mean, imagine you buy a present for your friend, it is wrapped properly, you open it or not? Of course you wont ma.

In the end, my mum’s friend couldn’t get a new box. So, I decided to show all of you how irresponsible Hilton could get. From my friend’s experience, he said “Tai Thong would change a new box of moon cakes for me”. Yeah man! So Hilton so famous and big, they not willing to change?! Such a shame! So, be careful when you buy moon cakes. Such a big company, but use evil tactics to sell off all their moon cakes like this. At least they could apologize and tell the sales person off. Like wtf weii?

You see for yourself, how disgusting it looks.

nicely wrapped (we opened it, of coz)

see properly, six moon cakes got mold

Description paper hidden inside the last drawer of the box


yucks, disgusting!

mold all over the mooncake, even the sides

Disgusting rite? Feel like using the knife and clear of the thing…Omg! Imagine I cut it into half and the insides got mold as well. Yuckz! Spread the word ppl, Hilton is so irresponsible!!! They didn’t even apologize and blame us for not consuming fast. Pfft!

Believe it or not?

by alexapiggy - on Jun 21st 2010 - 2 Comments

Ever heard of Spring Equinox? Well, it means that every place on earth gets to see the sun for 12 hours on that day. (other places would have shorter timing depending on place normally)

So, what so special? It has been said that the egg can stand on its end on this day and this day only! Lemme try this first..

Woah!!!! I did it! Only for a short period of time! :(

Successfully balanced one egg

My mum was trying to get another egg to stand. Unfortunately, hers failed and it hit the egg. So, it fell and we couldn’t get to do it again. Really don’t know why. Well, do you believe that there is such things? Try it for yourself. See if you can do it or not.

Exclaimer: Try at your own risk. Not all information is 100% right.

Techno Viking

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 19th 2009 - No Comments

Saw this video a long time ago, but wanna share with you guys… HE IS SOOOO COOL~~ LOL!!!

1 – Original Video

2 – Edited Video (Cool at 1.52)

3 – WTF?

Left 4 Dead Intro (Hokkien Funny Version)

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 13th 2009 - No Comments

Thanks To Chenjun` for contributing such a funny video.

Breast Enlargement Ringtone

by KyrilSoul-X - on Oct 11th 2009 - No Comments

wtfxJust now my friend Obbo post out this picture in a chatroom… And i was like… “WTF? Breast Enchantment Ringtones???”… I was curious about it and i searched google to see if i can have any details about it… And then i found out that there is even a video in discovery channel about it… LOL!!

Anyway i got this from DannyChoo.com –

Meet Hideto Tomabechi, a cognative scientist that studies the mind and artificial intellegence.

Dr. Tomabechi has developed a ringtone called “Rock Melon” that he claims that it could increase a female’s breast size through a ringtone that is based upon a crying baby and when listened to for 20 times per day for at least 10 days, a female’s bust will grow by at least 2cm.

Let Dr. Tomabechi fill in the details…